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Keeping Cars in Tiptop Condition to Avoid Health Problems

There are many adverse effects of car exhaust; it causes environmental pollution, as well as pulmonary and respiratory distress, and other cardiovascular diseases in people. In addition, soot affects breathing and the respiratory system, damages lung tissues, and causes cancer. These symptoms can be found in individuals who have had prolonged exposure to the pollutants emitted by vehicles.

Nevertheless, newer cars these days are cleaner than ever and better models are still being developed. This is due to the fact that more stringent emissions standards for new vehicles were enforced in 1992. These standards have become even stricter in the following years. Therefore, the quantities of pollutants emitted have become much lower for the cars of today. This means that vehicles are now manufactured to meet the required standards before they are released on the market.

However, the regular maintenance of older vehicles can also result in the decrease of harmful emissions. If you have a car that was made ten years ago, chances are that you may experience many problems with it, particularly regarding its exhaust system. Take note that an exhaust manifold leak can be especially dangerous because it provides a direct path for carbon monoxide to get inside the passenger compartment. This must never be ignored, as this will have serious consequences on your health as well as the health of your passengers. For instance, just a small amount of exhaust leak can be enough to distract the judgment and perception of the driver, causing dizziness, headaches, and nausea. In two hours' time, these symptoms would result in a stupor for the driver.

So, always make sure that your car is well-maintained in order to avoid any potential health problems that can result from leaks and other vehicle issues.

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